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Erasmus+ Credit Mobility Project - University of Tuscia (Italy)

Tuscia University Presentation

Description of Erasmus+ KA107 Project

Project Kick off Seminar Agenda

Project-related News

Invitation to Kick off Seminar

Tuscia University Representatives in ISEC NAS RA

Italian professor: Poor food safety management leads to serious social and economic consequences


Selection Results

ISEC Delegation at Tuscia University

David Pipoyan Live on Radio Unitus

Enhancing Ties between ISEC and University of Tuscia

Armenian Day at Tuscia University

Armenian Lecturers at Tuscia University

Erasmus+ KA107 Credit Mobility Project Participants Shared With Their Experience at Expanded Meeting of Scientific Council at EcoCenter NAS RA

Business trip report on University of Tuscia (Italy)

Head of International Relations Office at University of Tuscia at ISEC

Italian Erasmus+ Week at ISEC NAS RA

Food Safety - in Focus of Armenian and Italian Scientists

Italian Professors at ISEC NAS RA

Erasmus+: PhD Student Mobility Project


Erasmus+: PhD Student Mobility Selection Results

Erasmus+ Selection Results


Erasmus+ Selection Results

Fusion of Education and Science: Strengthening Ties

Lecturers from Environmental Protection and Nature Management Department Visited University of Tuscia, Italy


April 24 in Vatican

Erasmus+ Selection Results

The Report of Administrative and Teaching Staff of the International Scientific Educational Center of NAS of RA

Administrative and Teaching Staff Official Visit to Italy, Tusha University

Erasmus+. PhDs Presenting Their Reports

Italian Language Certificates to ISEC Students

Erasmus+ Credit Mobility Call for University of Tuscia, Italy

Erasmus+: PhD Student Mobility Project

Erasmus+: Call for Selection of Academic Staff

Erasmus+ Selection Results

ISEC Student’s Success Story at University of Tuscia

Pre-Orientation Meeting with ISEC Students

Meeting with Erasmus+ Students

New Achievements of "Environmental Protection and Nature Management" Chair

Erasmus + Student about Her Impressions

Erasmus+: Sharing International Experience

Erasmus+: How to Communicate Properly

Meeting With Head of Learning Secretariat Capuani at University of Tuscia

Informative and Educational Visits to UNITUS Departments

ISEC Delegation at University of Tuscia

Meetings With Administrative Staff Unitus

Meeting with Professor Nicolo Merendino, Head of Molecular Nutrition Lab

Meeting with UNITUS Associate Professor Andrea Petroselli

Meeting – Discussions with Sectorial Lecturers at University of Tuscia

Summarizing Joint Works Between University of Tuscia and ISEC NAS RA

Meeting on Informaton System Management and Service at UNITUS

New Perspectives of Collaboration with University of Tuscia

Erasmus+ Seminar: Skills in Getting Published in Journals with High Impact Factor

Summarizing Erasmus+ KA 107 International Credit Mobility Project

Erasmus+: Call for Selection of Academic Staff






Davit Pipoyan on the model of ''Assessment of Food Safety Risks'' to the students of Tuscia University, Italy

Erasmus+ Selection Results

"Due to the ISEC fruitful international cooperation, students have the opportunity to study at international universities." Suzanna Mnatsakanyan, ISEC student.

The Center’s Staff is taking part in the "International Staff Training Week" at the University of Tuscia, Italy

Launch of a new Double Degree Program with the University of Tuscia in Italy

Professor Merendino from University of Tuscia, Italy, Awarded Title of "Honorary Doctor of ISEC"

"ISEC has equipped me with practical skills and knowledge and continues to develop them", a student of ISEC, Mariam Gevorgyan

ISEC plays a crucial role in my self-development and personal growth

The students of ISEC studying at Tuscia University, took the 3rd place in the Intercultural Competition

"The knowledge I received at the ISEC NAS RA has greatly contributed to  the realization of my dream",  Evelina Arakelyan

"ISEC provides students with wide opportunities to study abroad at leading universities," ISEC student Roza Tadevosyan

Orientation Day at UNITUS

Erasmus+ Info day at ISEC


Erasmus+ Info Day at ISEC



ISEC delegation at Tuscia University International Training Week

Launch of a Double Degree Program with Tuscia University on Human rights and Security

Panel Discussions at the University of Tuscia




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