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Information Technology Department

The Information Technology department of the International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of sciences of the Republic of Armenia (hereinafter ISEC) is one of the ISEC structural subdivisions.
With the purpose of ensuring the ISEC’s educational process the  objective of the Department is to provide services and modernization of information technologies, computers, servers, computer equipment and internet and local network, educational and technical resources, as well as development and service of information-educational and web technologies.

IT department Tasks and Functions:

  • The organization of smooth and effective operation of computers and software packages,
  • Periodic testing of computers and computer and electronic equipment and elimination of malfunctions found within the limits of the Center’s possibilities,
  • Local Area Network expansion,
  • ISEC website's management and development,
  • E-learning system management
  • Electronic system management of students' assessment
  • Unified operation of the Center’s information systems and integration works, development and introduction of new software
  • Center’s electronic documents circulation system management
  • Study and introduction of new information educational technologies
  • Management and improvement of ISEC servers, archiving and activation of the data of various software packages installed on servers
  • Local Area Network security provision
  • Internet connection provision
  • Exploitation and maintenance of automated checkpoint control systems
  • Support in the development of the Center’s web technologies, websites' management and assessment systems, etc.

 Department Staff

Armen Yeghoyan
Head of Information
Technology Department

Tel: (+374 60)623596 (398)


Suren Gevorgyan
Network Administrator of
Information Technology Department

Tel: (+374 60)623596 (398)


Greta Karapetyan
Chief Specialist of Information
Technology Department

Tel: (+374 60)623596 (398)


Hayk Noravyan
Computer Operator of Information
Technology Department

Tel: (+374 60)623596 (398)


(+374 60) 623596



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