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"The Student Learning at ISEC is enhanced by Integrating Theory and Practice", - Armen Mikayelyan, the Graduate Student of ISEC

"I was Able to Make Consistent Progress in the Field of Education due to the Knowledge Acquired at ISEC," says Naira Abrahamyan, ISEC Graduate Student

"ISEC Supports Students’ Ongoing Scientific Endeavors", Susanna Narimanyan, an ISEC Graduate

"I joined the Armed Forces of Armenia due to my unwavering love for my motherland and my strong will to fight," Anna Avetisyan, a Master’s student of ISEC

"My decision to pursue postgraduate studies was greatly influenced by the academic environment at ISEC," – an ISEC graduate, Nona Gyulambaryan

"Considering the need to address current issues in the field of education, I decided to pursue a career in education management," Haykuhi Safaryan, an ISEC graduate.

"Scientific and Practical Education is a Solid Basis for Civil and Administrative Law at the Department of Jurisprudence", - Master’s student of ISEC, Lusine Davtyan

"I am happy for my ever-made decision to enroll in ISEC’s Master's program", - an ISEC graduate Anahit Azatyan

67-year-old Susanna Chughuryan is Enrolled in Master’s Program Again

"Due to ISEC education I Succeeded as a Professional Social Pedagogue", - Varduhi Sargsyan, an ISEC Master’s Graduate.

"The scientific environment of ISEC contributes to the success of young scientists", - Karlen Voskanyan, an ISEC graduate

"This Research can Contribute to Ensuring the Energy Security of RA", - Narek Sahakyan, an ISEC Masters’ graduate.

"Having acquired a wealth of knowledge at ISEC, I am currently working in one of pharmacies in Armavir", - Lilit Tovmasyan, a Masters graduate of ISEC.

"Over the years of studying at ISEC I have acquired a wealth of professional knowledge," – Valentina Balagyozyan, Master’s student of ISEC

"The development of one's own values and the perception of knowledge as a value is the biggest achievement during my years of study at ISEC", Lilit Aslanyan, a postgraduate student of ISEC.

"ISEC enables students to integrate academic education into work and research activities", - Gohar Gaboyan, a postgraduate student

"Thanks to ISEC I got new skills and knowledge, gained new friends and sweet memories", an ISEC postgraduate student,"- A. Yavryan

"The ISEC lecturers are endowed with both professional and human qualities", - ISEC Master’s graduate student, Susanna Mamikonyan

"The educational program of ISEC fully meets the requirements for librarians", Nelly Hayrapetyan, a graduate of ISEC

"Scientists of ISEC have devoted their whole lives to the science", Karine Avetisyan, a Master’s student of ISEC

"The primary objective of a strong nation-building is to get a high-quality education," Sona Maralyan, a student of ISEC

"Library education at ISEC is based on practical foundations" - Maya Grigoryan, a graduate student of ISEC NAS RA

"Five years later I see my professional development in science again," - Hripsime Khachatryan, Student of ISEC NAS RA

"The learning environment is student-centered, and the professors support in every possible way to shape a scientific worldview," – ISEC student, Anahit Kocharyan

"My recommendation for undergraduate students is to study their postgraduate program at the International Scientific-Educational Center of the NAS RA." an ISEC student Karen Hambaryan

"ISEC provides wide opportunities for students who have chosen the programming profession," ISEC Student Marine Balyan

"The academic environment and the organization of research-based education at ISEC have greatly contributed to improve quality and relevance in my education," Nonna Hovhannisyan, a student of ISEC

"As for myself, the best postgraduate study option is ISEC NAS RA," Eliza Keoshkaryan, ISEC student

"The Department of Pharmacology of ISEC is unique in terms of imparting academic knowledge," Tatevik Arakelyan, ISEC student

"After completing a Bachelor Degree, the path to science should be sought in the academic environment," Grigor Ayvazyan, ISEC student

"The academic environment and the teaching staff of ISEC are the best for me," Arus Nikolyan ISEC student

"Do not miss your chance to become a respectful family member of ISEC," Ellen Ghukasyan, ISEC student

An ISEC student Avet Galstyan has got the opportunity to work at NAS RA Institute of Geological Sciences

"The center provides extensive opportunities to receive education in line with international standards," Gevorg Badalyan