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General Department

The General Department of the ISEC NAS RA is one of the structural subdivisions of the ISEC, which was created in 2019. The aim of the department's activity is to organize efficient document circulation in the ISEC.

The tasks and functions of the department are:

  • ISEC business service
  • control of document circulation
  • accepting, registering, distributing documents and transferring them to performers
  • outgoing and incoming correspondence, formulation and delivery
  • control over compliance with documents' execution deadlines
  • methodological control over the implementation of business processes in the relevant subdivisions
  • registration and receipt of documents, letters and appeals, and supervision over the deadlines.
  • formation of general department work
  • maintaining the terms of use of documents during the proceedings.

Department Staff


Kristina Hakobyan
Head of General

Tel: (+374 60) 270909


Meline Sargsyan
Chief Specialist of
General Department

Tel: (+374 60) 623601


(+374 60) 623601