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Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management

Head of Department
Lilit Sahakyan
PhD in Geographical Sciences

The Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management  of  the  International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (ISEC NAS RA)  was founded in 2010 on the basis of available material and technical base and professional resources of the Ecocenter.

Department Objectives

To train high quality specialists in environmental protection,  to develop up-to-date methods of staff training  by specialty “Environmental Protection and Nature Management”, to implement  scientific , educational-methodological and scientific-pedagogical studies in the area of environmental protection, research staff training,to promote international scientific and educational collaboration in the area of the given specialty, to improve curricula, develop and publish textbooks  and scientific and methodological manuals.
Special courses at the Depatment are delivered by qualified specialists in the area of education, science.

Specialization - Environmental Protection and  Nature Management

 Research works

In 2013-2014 the staff of the Department  published 50 scientific articles. Over the period of  existence of the Department, beginning from 2010 the staff defended a number of PhD theses and are actively involved in the work of different international symposia  presenting  research results obtained.

  The Faculty

Lilit Sahakyan   PhD in Geographical Sciences 
Davit Pipoyan   Doctor of Food Science (Italy)
Amalia Muradyan   PhD in Biological Sciences
Shushanik Asmaryan   PhD in Geographical Sciences
Olga Belyaeva   PhD in Biological Sciences
David Harutyunyan   PhD in Chemical Sciences
Marieta Avetisyan   PhD in Geographical Sciences
Vahagn Muradyan   PhD in Geographical Sciences
Nver Torosyan   PhD in Technical Sciences
Gayane Poghosyan    PhD in Biological Sciences
Inna Avanezova   PhD in Technical Sciences
Gayane Nersisyan   PhD in Biological Sciences
Gevorg Tepanosyan   PhD in Biological Sciences
Meline Beglaryan   PhD in Technical Sciences
Yuri Poghosyan   economist, sociologist
Kristine Hakobyan   Coordinator of the Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management

Tel.  (+374 10) 572924