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Department of Foreign Languages

Head of the Chair
Gohar Misha Grigoryan
Ph.D. in Philological Sciences

The Chair of Foreign Languages of NAS RA organizes, coordinates and implements the foreign language teaching process of Ph.D. and Master Studies.

The Chair is a well organized unit having its unique place in the system of the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA implementing its activities towards several directions: academic, educational, research and publishing.
The Chair of Foreign Languages, which deals with foreign language teaching courses for professional/academic purposes (ESP/EAP) develops, creates and implements wide-ranging and multi-level academic programs in all the departments of Master Studies and Ph.D. Studies as well. The well developed academic programs of the Chair are the most effective approaches in teaching foreign languages that are widespread throughout the world and aimed to serve the professional purposes of the foreign language learning process. Currently the Chair’s academic programs of both Master and Ph.D. Studies are implemented in accordance with credit system requirements.

Tasks of the Chair

The foreign languages teaching process is aimed at providing students with tools necessary for communication offering them advanced learning methods, interesting courses and individual learning process enhancing methods (for the purpose of understanding the read material or  heard  texts in the language context) and involving all the 4 components of the speech activity: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The teachers of the Chair demonstrate individual approach during the teaching process allowing them to identify each student's language knowledge level and to help students of relatively lower levels overcome language difficulties and to fully integrate them into the learning process.
Objectives of the Chair
The objective of the Chair is to give future scientists specializing in different areas profound knowledge and skills in foreign languages related to their specialization which will help them present the scientific potential of RA on the international arena and implement fruitful activities in different enterprises, ministries, secondary and higher education institutions of the republic, at various foreign universities etc.

Research Activities

The research work is an integral part of the Chair’s staff activities. Studies are carried out in different areas of modern linguistics. The scholarly articles of the Chair's teaching staff dedicated to the investigation and coverage of various modern linguistic problems are published in the leading Armenian and international journals. The Chair's teachers actively participate at local and international conferences presenting the achieved results of their research works to the wide scientific community.
Head of the Chair Gohar Grigoryan is a member of the editorial board of the «Collection of Scientific Articles» since 2014 published by ISEC NAS RA and approved by SCC (Supreme Certifying Commission).
The Chair’s educational policy is based on the requirements for students of different professional areas arisen in current conditions of developing international and market relations.

Tel:    (374 60) 623600