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The preparation of doctoral candidates of the Doctoral Studies at NAS RA research institutions is carried out through part-time learning system requiring 3 years of study.
Citizens of the Republic of Armenia holding PhD. academic degree are admitted to the Doctoral Studies. Individuals entering the Doctoral Studies are expected to submit a fundamental and applicable research project of scientific, economic or socio-cultural significance related to the corresponding NAS research institutions.
Foreign citizens without citizenship are admitted to the Doctoral Studies according to interstate, intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements or contracts.
Foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship are admitted to the Doctoral Studies according to the agreement signed between the institutions, as well as on their own initiative on paid basis.
For entering the Doctoral Studies applications should be submitted to the name of the head of corresponding NAS research institution with the following documents attached:

  • A copy of PhD. academic degree certificate (those having been granted PhD. academic degree in other countries should also submit a corresponding certificate of compliance issued by SCC /Supreme Certifying Commission/);
  • Extensive plan of Doctoral thesis;
  • Personal record sheet, CV and 3 photos ((3x4 size);
  • The list of published scientific articles, inventions, discoveries, as well as reports on scientific research.

The passport (ID card) and the PhD. academic degree certificate should be submitted personally.
The chair or the department (sector, laboratory) of the corresponding NAS research institution based on the reviewed documents presents a conclusion. In case of positive outcome the Scientific Council (Scientific and Technical) of the given institution or organization considers the Conclusion and adopts a relevant decision on the acceptance of the candidate to the Doctoral Studies, which is approved by the corresponding NAS research institution’s or organization’s head. In case of two or more candidates the admission selection for the Doctoral Studies is implemented by the Scientific Council of the relevant research institution or organization. The latter based on the candidate’s extensive dissertation plan decides the possible date of completion of the dissertation.
The doctoral candidate’s acceptance to the Doctoral Studies is arranged by the decree of the head of the relevant NAS research institution.
During the Doctoral Studies period a doctoral student must carry out individual work in compliance with the available individual working plan, namely to complete the work at the dissertation and carry out a preliminary discussion of the dissertation at the relevant research institution. Doctoral candidates may have a scientific advisor approved by the head of the institution.
Doctoral students have free access to laboratories, experimental equipment, computers, libraries and other services of research institutions in compliance with the institutional Charter.
The Scientific Councils of NAS research institutions based on the submitted report relevant to the doctoral program once a year hold certification of doctoral students. Those not having passed the certification are exempt from the Doctoral Studies.
A doctoral student being exempt /for an excused reason/ before the expiry date may be restored according to the order of the relevant research institution’s head within a year after he was exempt.
Doctoral students are paid scholarship by the government and given a two-month vacation every year retaining the scholarship. Head of the research institution at the expense of extra budgetary funds may impose additional scholarship.
The payment of doctoral advisors for their work done is implemented in accordance with the Charter of the relevant NAS research institution.