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Educational Department

Head  of Educational Department
Erdjanik Zargaryan
PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Tel: 010 524812

The Educational-Methodological Department of NAS RA is a structural subdivision, that carries out the planning, organization and coordination of the educational process.

The Objectives of the Educational-Methodological Department are as follows: 

  • To enhance the education quality through the implementation of relevant programs;
  • To organize the admission, dismissal, students’ rights restoration, transferring and deferment processes of Master students;
  • To present issues related to the educational process, to develop recommendations regarding the admission process of Master Courses;
  • To prepare the Master's degree graduates of the International Scientific-Educational Center for continuing their education in the next level – in Postgraduate Courses.

The Functions of the Educational-Methodological Department:

  • Organization and control of the development process of academic and working plans;
  • Planning, coordination and implementation control of Chairs’ academic work load;
  • Organization of the activities of State Certifying Commissions;
  • Drawing up of the education process schedule and implementation control;
  • Organization of educational, production, academic, research practices of both full-time and part-time education systems, provision of guidance and control;
  • Preparation of students' graduation documents and registration.