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Foreign Affairs Department

ISEC NAS RA Foreign Affairs Department (hereinafter Foreign Affairs Department) is a subdivision of International Scientific Educational Department of NAS RA which operates according to RA legislation, ISEC NAS RA charter and the charter of the Foreign Affairs Department.

The main goal of the Foreign Relations Department is to ensure the cooperation between the ISEC and scientific-educational centers of foreign educational institutions and ISEC, assist students, faculty, and management in participating in collaborative exchange programs, strengthen permanent contacts, and develop cooperation with the center and other international organizations with the involvement of students particularly:

  • Provides and analyses information regarding grant projects, studies the projects of the registered international educational organizations in RA, analyses and regulates development of ISEC perspective directions.
  • Informs ISEC chairs as to the calls and grants for international educational projects from foreign Universities.
  • Makes preliminary preparation of the documents of ISEC relevant chairs for educational grant projects, provides reference letters, applies for the international grant calls, regulates and coordinates current grant projects.
  • Prepares drafts of partnership agreements, letters and certificates which are addressed to international institutions, universities, RA foreign embassies and representatives of international educational organizations.
  • Keeps communication and exchanges information between ISEC and foreign partners.
  • Based on the official survey data collected from the RA foreign embassies and centers/organizations, provides information on the foreign citizens studying in the institutes and centers of the National Academy of Sciences as well as graduates.
  • Publishes informative materials, makes announcements and provides translations within the competencies of the Foreign Affairs Department.
Department Staff

Angela Papikyan
Head of Foreign
Tel: (+374 60) 623598 

  Gohar Sargsyan
Leading specialist in the
Foreign Affairs Department
Tel: (+374 60) 623598 


(+374 60) 623598