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Dean’s Office

Dean of Office

Atom Mkhitaryan
PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Tel.: (+374 10) 568183 (332)
E-mail: atom.mkhitaryan@isec.am

The Dean’s Office of the International Scientific-Educational Center is a structural unit ensuring the organization and implementation of Master's level full-time and part-time educational processes of specialties conferred on the Center.

Tasks of the Dean’s Office

  • To promote the preparation of highly qualified specialists of relevant specialties and the introduction of international (European) standards of learning quality
  • To support the implementation of scientific, educational-methodological and academic research and creative work.
  • To promote transparency and publicity of the educational process.

Functions of the Dean's Office are as Follows:

  • To control the proper implementation of lectures, practical, laboratory and other forms of studies in compliance with academic programs.
  • To supervise the organization of the educational process in accordance with state standards.
  • To promote the implementation of creative work, the participation of the academic staff of chairs in conferences, publishing scholarly articles and monographs, educational-methodological handbooks etc., to coordinate the outputs collection process.
  • To support the development of students’ self-control mechanisms, to supervise the research and creative activities of students.
  • To carry out the knowledge assessment process, exam and re-sitting unified document-circulation.
  • To organize the coordinated functioning of the educational process, to carry out control over the educational process.