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Scientific Board

The Scientific Council of ISEC NAS RA (hereinafter the Center) is a functioning body chaired by the Center's Director coordinating and regulating the educational and research activities of the Center. The Center’s Scientific Council carries out its activities through regular and special sessions. The Scientific Council’s activity procedures are defined by the Regulations of the Scientific Council.
The Scientific Council of the Center develops MA and PhD admission rules, discusses the list of academic courses of the Center, approves the faculty staff, grants Associate Professor and Professor academic ranks, discusses the international cooperation projects of the Center, introduces recommendations on the implementation of academic programs for new specializations to the authorized public administration body, considers the directions of the Center’s scientific activities, holds hearings on the results of research and education  activities of the Center, discusses and approves draft legal acts, standards and regulations related to the activities of the Center.
The total number of the Center's Scientific Council staff is 15. The Scientific Council staff is approved by the NAS RA Presidium. The Scientific Council meeting shall be valid if attended by at least 2/3 of the members of its staff. Decisions are adopted by the simple majority vote of the participating members of the Council's meeting unless the Scientific Council takes other decisions about it.

Scientific Council Staff of the International Scientific-Educational Center of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (ISEC NAS RA)

Albert Sargsyan

ISEC NAS RA Director, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

Aram Mirzoyan

ISEC NAS RA Deputy Director, PhD. in Technical Sciences

Erjanik Zargaryan

ISEC NAS RA Education Department Head, PhD. of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Naira Hakobyan

ISEC NAS RA Dean, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor

Aram Shahinyan

ISEC NAS RA Scientific Department Head, Academician

Ashot Melkonyan

Director of the Institute of History of NAS RA, Academician

Albert Kharatyan

Corresponding Member of NAS RA

Tigran Kocharyan

Head of the Departement of Political Sciences  of ISEC NAS RA, Doctor of Political Sciences

Harutyunyan Manuk

Head of the Departemen of Philosophy of ISEC NAS RA, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences   

Tigran Zargaryan

Head of the Fundamental Scientific Library of  NAS RA, PhD. in Technical Sciences

Vladimir Sahakyan

Head of the Departemen of Informatics  of ISEC NAS RA, PhD. in Technical Sciences

Simon Babayan

Head of the Departemen of Jurisprudence of ISEC NAS RA, PhD. in Juridical Sciences

Atom Mkhitaryan

ISEC NAS RA Scientific Secretary, PhD. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Roman Hakobyan

ISEC NAS RA Master Student of the Management Department  

Mariam Hergnyan

ISEC NAS RA Master Student of the Psychology Department