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Public Relations and Career Department

The Public Relations and Career Department of the International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (hereinafter referred to as ISEC) is one of the structural subdivisions of ISEC.

The main aim of the department is to increase the rating of the ISEC of the NAS RA, to carry out various activities to develop a positive public opinion, to cover the process of information exchange between the media, non-governmental organizations, and other local or international organizations, to study the job competitiveness of the students and graduates of the ISEC in the labor market, strengthening the permanent connection between the graduates and the ISEC and ensuring cooperation.

The tasks and functions of the department are:

  • Provide the website of the ISEC with updates and online feedback.
  • Preparation and distribution of audio and video materials about the ISEC.
  • Organizing and coordinating the activities carried out by the chairs and structural subdivisions of ISEC NAS RA related to the Public Relations Department and mass media.
  • Participation in the sessions, consultations, discussions, official and working events to be covered at the ISEC NAS RA, and their coverage.
  • Organizing and/or participating in various exhibitions, seminars, conferences, excursions, exchange visits, and other events aimed to raise the ISEC rating.
  • Organizing and coordinating the activities on the recruitment issues by the ISEC students and alumni.
  • Strengthen effective communication between students, alumni of the ISEC, and employers, organizing meetings and events with employers.
  • Identifying and analyzing strategic-organizational issues related to the recruitment of students and graduates.
  • Organizing seminars, conferences, round tables, targeted and additional training, training courses, events related to the current requirements in the labor market and job search technologies and skills, professional orientation, and other issues.
  • Organizing active cooperation with the Student Council and the Student Scientific Society of the ISEC within the framework of scientific, educational, consulting, entertainment, and other events.
  • Signing agreements, memoranda, contracts with employers, various organizations, and ensuring their implementation.
  • Provide communication between employers and ISEC chairs, and develop joint staff training packages should the need arise.
  • Assistance to the ISEC chairs in organizing student internships.
  • Development and regular update of the "Alumni Information Database" of the ISEC.
  • Analysis of materials published in the media on important issues in the field of education and science, localization of those materials, and ensuring the appropriate process.
  • Organizing interviews, press conferences, and meetings with media representatives, preparing press releases.
  • Ensuring the quality of designing and translation of trilingual (Armenian, Russian, English) informative materials, texts, news, announcements.

Department Staff



Lilit Adamyan
Tel: (+374 60) 62 35 20



(+374 60) 62 35 20