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Knowledge is power.
Science and education are guarantees for our longevity.
Sustainability and development of science and education should be the  key issue  for each state.

International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia (ISEC) was established in 1997 on the basis of PhD studies operating аt National Academy of Sciences of RA. ISEC’s activity aims at preparing highly qualified scientific-pedagogical specialists through Postgraduate Studies, Postdoctoral Studies as well as seekers for PhD degree on the basis of RA NAS facilities and equipment.
Taking into consideration rich scientific potential of RA NAS (most of the country’s scientific potential is concentrated in RA NAS) RA NAS ISEC expanded its activity starting education in master degree programs in 2004.
Education through master degree programs in RA NAS aims at accelerating the passage from education to scientific activity. Preparations of Master students in academic environment will enable them to quickly integrate to scientific public and acquire scientific thinking. Such approach will promote the harmonization of education and science.
Equipment and facilities at ISEC are permanently replenished with computers and other required hardware. Many research institutes of RA NAS with their contemporary equipment support ISEC in the implementation of its education objectives. Students at ISEC use Fundamental Scientific Library of NAS RA known as the best and richest scientific library.
In 2002 Professor Albert Sargsyan, Dr in Physical-Mathematical Sciences, became the Head of ISEC. Under his guidance ISEC’s faculty takes maximum efforts to ensure modern and high-quality education.  The latter’s key factor is to be integrated to international education area, to have a well-deserved place among other higher educational institutions in the republic and beyond its borders.
International Scientific-educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia with its highly qualified teaching staff and administrative employees may be a dominant player in the economic and public-social life of the republic.


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