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The Center’s Staff is taking part in the "International Staff Training Week" at the University of Tuscia, Italy

May 25, 2022

From May 23 to 27, 2022, within the framework of Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Program, the staff of ISEC NAS RA, represented by Director Armen Sargsyan, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Yerdjanik Zargaryan, Scientific Secretary, Meri Sargsyan, Head of the Department for Foreign Affairs, Arusyak Harutyunyan, Chief Specialist of Foreign Affairs Department, Angela Papikyan, a lecturer at the Chair of Jurisprudence, Artyom Sedrakyan, is taking part in the "International Staff Training Week" at the University of Tuscia, in Italy.

The first day was introductory, the guests were welcomed by the Rector of the University of Tuscia, Stefano Ubertini, who stated that mutual successful cooperation had been developing between the two universities gradually these years. The Italian colleagues presented the educational-scientific activities of the University of Tuscia, organized team-building activities for effective teamwork of participants to keep productive communication in an informal, relaxed environment.

The full day within the university was summed up by the staff meeting with the students of the ISEC, currently studying at the University of Tuscia.

It should be reminded that within the framework of Erasmus + International Credit Mobility Program, five students of the ISEC from "Business Administration" and "Environmental Protection and Nature Management" departments are currently studying at the University of Tuscia.

The ISEC administration were greeted by the students with great enthusiasm, shared their bright impressions about exciting international studying experience and overcoming challenging situations in a multicultural environment while studying abroad.

The ISEC students have already finished their studies and are preparing for the exams.

The administration members of ISEC NAS RA encouraged and wished success to the students before the exams. Director of ISEC NAS RA, Armen Sargsyan reminded that the Center is always available and ready to support students in case of any problem, inspired them to fulfill their mission with honor and great responsibility, to keep up high reputation of ISEC NAS RA and successfully return to the homeland.

The Public Relations and Career Department of the ISEC NAS RA