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ISEC Student’s Success Story at University of Tuscia

December 26, 2018

ISEC’s student from "Environmental Protection and Nature Management" Department Marusya Arakelyan, which is currently an Erasmus+ ICM student at the University of Tuscia, Italy, is successfully representing the ISEC by taking part in the group and individual presentations. In the group work with the involvement of the representatives of several countries, each group should have presented the research article of one country. Upon Marusya’s proposal, their group members from Bosnia, Norway, and Turkey selected a research article on Armenia, which also met the criteria  - a newly published research article, moreover, the research was jointly carried out by the Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies of NAS RA in partnership with the University of Tuscia. During the presentation, the group presented Armenia and the mining industry in Alaverdi and mining-related problems with soil pollution, the exposure assessment of potentially toxic trace elements via consumption of fruits and vegetables grown under the impact of Alaverdi's mining complex.

Presentations are available here  ,