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Meeting With Head of Learning Secretariat Capuani at University of Tuscia

May 20, 2019

On May 16-23, 2019, the delegation of the ISEC NAS RA within the framework of the European Union Erasmus + program was sent to the University of Tuscia, Italy. The delegation included Narine Vardanyan, Head of Quality Assurance Department, Scientific Secretary Atom Mkhitaryan, Head of Information Technologies Department Armen Sargsyan, head of International Relations Department Arusyak Harutyunyan. Within the framework of the visit, the delegation of the ISEC NAS RA had a variety of meetings. Narine Vardanyan, Head of the Quality Assurance Department, met with Kapuani, Director of the Didactic Secretariat of the University of Tuscia. During the meeting there were discussed, institutional and program accreditation criteria, as well as the process and stages of accreditation of educational programs in Italy, the organizational aspects of quality education system, the content side of stakeholder satisfaction questionnaires, their analysis and feedback mechanisms. The Quality Assurance Responsible of the Tuscia University presented Armenian delegation with a presentation of self-evaluation of university faculties. The further ways of their dissemination were discussed. N. Vardanyan also personally met with the quality assurance analysts at the University of Tuscia, discussed mechanisms and procedures for stakeholder feedback as well as during individual meeting with students, they also discussed the role of their participation in the institutional assessment process, the mechanisms for reviewing stakeholder feedback and so on. N. Vardanyan also visited the library, got acquainted with funds, available literature and resources. For the delegation it was also organized a tour in the area of the University of Tuscia, faculties and laboratories.