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Online Master’s Program with Joint Diplomas

The main objective of the project is organization of "Business Management" Master Degree Programme in the form of distance learning with a joint diploma awarded by RA Public Administration Academy and International Scientific Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of RA. The partner of the program is the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA.
The specific objectives of the project are as follows:
Organization of a full Master’s degree program in distance format by applying to RA Ministry of Education and Science to be issued a license for the organization and implementation of a distance learning program.
Awarding a joint diploma by two Armenian HEIs due to developing a procedure and format for awarding joint diplomas.
Supplementing legal and documentary gap in the legislation.
Training of the academic staff to develop teaching skills and abilities in entirely new format and to build up-to-date skills for teaching with contemporary skills for the organization of distance learning courses and conference with the use of contemporary technology.

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Collection of Documents Regulating Organization and Implementation of Distance Education

RA Education and Science Minister's Decree  on Issuing ISEC NAS RA Permit To Implement Distance Education in "Business Management" Master's Degree Program /Pilot Project/ for Three Years