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Admission Examination Questionnaires


Scientific Institutions Kod   Specialization Question List
Institute of Mechanics Ա.02.04 Deformable Solid Body Mechanics
Institute of Mathematics Ա.01.02 Differential equations
Ա.01.03 Mathematical Physics

Institute of Informatics and Automation Problems

Ե.13.04 Mathematical and Software Support of Computing Machines, Complexes, Systems and Networks
Ե.13.05 Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Program Complexes
Institute of Physical Research Ա.04.05 Optics
Ա.04.07 Condensed Matter Physics
Ա.04.21 Laser Physics
Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry  Բ.00.01 Inorganic Materials Technology
Ե.17.01 Technology of Inorganic Materials
Institute of Botany Գ.00.05 Botany
Institute of Physiology  Գ.00.09 Human and Animal Physiology
Institute of Hydroponics Problems Գ.00.14 Biotechnology
Center for Ecological Noosphere Studies ԻԴ.04.01 Geoecology
Institute of Geophysics and Engineering Seismology ԻԴ.01.08 Geophysics, Geophysical Methods of Search for Minerals
Institute of History  Է.00.05 Historiography, Source Studies (Ancient and Medieval Armenian History)
Է.00.01 History of Armenia
Institute of Oriental Studies  Է.00.02 World History (Ottoman Studies, Caucasus Studies), international relations
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography Է.00.04 Ethnography (Genealogy)
Է.00.03 Archaeology
Ժ.01.05 Folklore Studies
Institute of Linguistics Ժ.02.01 Armenian Language 
Ժ.02.02 General and Comparative Linguistics
Institute of Literature Ժ.01.08
Textology of Literature and Folklore Studies
Ժ.01.07 Foreign Literature
Institute of Art ԺԷ.00.03 Fine Arts, Decorative and Applied Arts, Design
ԺԷ.00.02 Musical Art
ԺԷ.00.01 Architecture

Institute of Economics

Ը.00.02 Economics, its Branches and Management

Finance, Financial Accounting

Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law ԺԲ.00.01 Theory and History of State and Law, History of Legal Studies


ԻԳ.00.01 Political Institutions and Processes
Թ.00.02 History of Philosophy

Byurakan Observatory