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A series of events dedicated to the World Science Day

November 11, 2022

On November 10, a series of events dedicated to the World Science Day for Peace and Development was launched by the RA National Academy of Sciences, within the framework of which various institutes of the NAS RA performed scientific experiments, exhibited samples and presented their activities to students of various RA universities and high school students.

The International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA, being the prototype of the first research university in Armenia, presented to the visitors both current scientific-educational and research programs, as well as new educational projects expected in the near future. The students of the Center enthusiastically shared their educational successes in the pavilion of ISEC, presented about 20 Chairs operating in the Center, where education is carried out within more than 30 Master’s education programs.

The next event dedicated to the World Science Day was initiated jointly by the International Scientific- Educational Center of the NAS RA and the Fundamental Science Library of the NAS RA, within the framework of which a series of public lectures was organized at ISEC under the titles "What is ethnogenomics" and "The architecture of "Vogezen" digital platform".

Armen Sargsyan, the director of the International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, made an opening speech. Congratulating the audience on this important day, he emphasized that especially the challenges of recent years have once again shown the vital importance of the development of science for our country, which, in addition to its economic importance, has an essential strategic and security importance, and the topics of the lectures were chosen in that context. A. Sargsyan assured that the lectures dedicated to the World Science Day would fulfill their mission in the best way and inform the participants about scientific and innovative achievements.

Artur Ishkhanyan, Academician-Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, gave a congratulatory speech and made a meaningful speech, who, once again emphasizing the significant role of science in public life, expressed hope on this landmark day that November 10 will become a day of national revival in the future, and for this it is necessary that Science would be considered as the basis of the country's development. "Today, in the 21st century, modern technology and artificial intelligence are considered paramount, so those nations which have nothing to say in the field of science and technology may be at risk. I dream that in the future the World Science Day will be celebrated as a state, national holiday, and young people will consider it more important than any other holiday, as it’s a question of the nation existence and preservation", says Artur Ishkhanyan.

The speaker of the event, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Levon Episkoposyan delivered lecture, presenting the essence of ethnogenomics, which studies the genealogy of different peoples, the genetic structure of ethnic groups and reconstructs the genetic history based on it. L. Episkoposyan referred to the genetic history of the Armenian people, which today has been studied in details, and also commented on the term "Armenian gene", explaining that it does not really exist, as we have more similarities than differences with other nations.

The next speaker was the co-founder of "Instigate" company and director of "Real School", candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics Vahagn Poghosyan, who presented the project entitled as "Architecture of the "Vogezen" digital platform", the basis of which is the idea of forming and establishing a comprehensive defense and security system of Armenia, according to which the defense of the state is not only the problem of state institutions, but of the entire Armenian people. V. Poghosyan referred to the "Management Information Systems" Master's educational program, which was founded jointly with ISEC, aimed at the development of engineering education of Master's students, and also reminded that one of the main directions of "Armat" engineering laboratories currently operating at schools is also aimed at providing students with engineering education, which is delivered free of charge. V. Poghosyan also talked about many other interesting projects.

The participants of the event thanked both the speakers for their interesting speeches and the organizers of the initiative for conducting such an important event, which aimed to once again emphasize the significant role of science in public life, unite members of society around scientific issues, and present scientific achievements and further opportunities for development.

Public Relations and Career Department of ISEC NAS RA