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25 Feb

Issues of Applying Coaching in Development of RA Organizations

February 25, 2021

02.03.2021 12:00 - Colloquium

In business coaching is a method that focuses on the development

In business coaching is a method that focuses on the development of skills, performance and career. Coaching may be one of the tools used in management development, but here it is more than just a method of management.

As organizations understand the purpose and use of coaching, the industry grows around the world and in the Armenian market as well. Some organizations are actively working to create a coaching culture. The coaching culture within the organization is more than just a coaching. It is a culture in which coaching behavior is used as a mean of communication, management and influence. This is an environment that values employee learning and development.

This work will study the problems of using coaching in the RA organization and development perspectives.

Anna Baroyan since 2013 engaged in coaching activities, alumni of International Coach Academy ACSTH coach, author of different coaching materials and e-books. Operating in the field of human resource management since 2015. Lecturer of Human Resource Management at the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA.

Co-founder and director of HireNet, ArmCoaching coaches development center, Soroban Lab Mental Arithmetic teaching Center Projects

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