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The tasks and programs of the ISEC NAS RA Trade Union activities are as follows:

  • Protection of the staff’s rights,

  • Support for newlyweds,

  • Birth support,

  • Organizing charity programs and cultural events,

  • Organizing leisure activities,

  • Financial assistance,



Support for Newlyweds

The ISEC NAS RA Trade Union provides monetary rewards to newlyweds. ISEC employee is provided with 20000 AMD in regard to marriage

   Birth Support

The ISEC NAS RA Trade Union provides 30.000 AMD for each newborn child of the ISEC employees.

Organizing Charity Programs and Cultural Events

The ISEC NAS RA Trade Union supports the ISEC employees (as well as the Faculty) to implement a number of cultural programs and charity events.

Within the frames of these programs the ISEC Trade Union:

  • Provides the ISEC employees with tickets to various performances and concerts acquired from relevant organizations,
  • At the end of each academic year the ISEC Student Council for charitable purposes organizes visits to remote and border villages of Armenia. Within the frames of this project, the ISEC Trade Union provides financial support to the ISEC Student Council.
  Organizing Leisure Activities

In order to organize leisure activities and other events and to secure the participation of the ISEC employees in them the ISEC NAS RA Trade Union provides financial assistance. 

  The ISEC NAS RA Trade Union may provide financial support to:

  • socially insecure ISEC employees in compliance with their request,

  • the ISEC employees, who will submit a health certificate and a medical treatment costs reference

  • the ISEC employees having lost their family members.

  *These cost estimates are set by the ISEC Trade Union and approved by January 15 of each year.