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Davit Hrachik Grigoryan



- Where do you work?

- I am a Spokesperson and PR Specialist for more than 20 international and local music, film and other festivals.

- What is the key to your success at work?

- Hard work, persistence, experience, and most importantly, moral values have always been and remain.

- What role did education at the International Scientific-Educational Centre play in your life?

- You need to be educated every day, every hour and moment. That period strengthened my knowledge, allowed me to love my profession even more.

- What was the biggest achievement during the studies at the International Scientific-Educational Centre?

- I have participated in international projects several times, met my best friends there, received a scholarship, had the honor of being President of the Student Council, due to which I have been honored and loved so far.

- What memorable episode would you tell from student life?

- Every moment is an unforgettable episode. I will keep it in my memories carefully.

- Your message to the graduate and postgraduate students of the International Scientific-Educational Centre.

- Appreciate and take advantage of every opportunity the Centre has taken on its triumphant path, whose potential, involvement in international programs set the stage for becoming a qualified, competitive and demanding specialist.