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An highly professional expert in logistics from WSB University in Warsaw is delivering lectures for ISEC students

May 11, 2022

On May 10, 2022, within the framework of the Erasmus + International Credit Mobility Program, Dr.Jacek Karcz, Doctor of Economics with a specialization in the area of Logistics, Sales Consultant of Gruber Logistics in Central and Eastern Europe and Logistics Department Manager at the WSB University in Warsaw delivered a lecture on "Practical aspects of using CSR in strategic activities of the company" for the second year students of Management Department of the Centre.

Dr. Jacek Karcz particularly emphasized that there is no universal definition of corporate social responsibility, as this idea is constantly redefined in accordance with the times and requirements, at the same time allowing each company to adhere to the values and principles by which it is guided. Jacek Cartz briefed the participants on the importance of corporate social responsibility, which aims to recognize, realize the various factors of influence, manage the business so that it contributes to the growth of social, environmental and economic values, thus having a longlasting positive impact on both society and business.

The training ended with an active question and answer session with the participants.

On May 11, Dr. Jacek Karts will continue to deliver an online lecture on "Automation and Virtualization of Logistics Systems" for 1-st year part-time students of the Department for Distance Learning in Business Administration, and on May 12, he is giving an online lecture for 1-st year full-time students of Public Administration Department on "The Impact of Ideology on Logistics Strategy Actions".

The Public Relations and Career Department of the ISEC NAS RA