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ISEC is Offering a Unique Master's Program in Aerospace Engineering

July 10, 2023

A press conference was organized on July 10 to announce the start of the Master’s program "Aerospace Engineering", which is carried out jointly by the RA NAS International Scientific-Educational Center, "Engineering Association" NGO and EIF-Enterprise Incubator Foundation.

The International Scientific- Educational Center of NAS RA is establishing a new specialized department in the Engineering City to implement a new master's degree program, within the framework of which a practical component of professional courses as well as laboratory and research activities will be conducted.

A. Sargsyan, Director of the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA, emphasized that a decision was made jointly with a number of leading high-tech organizations in Armenia to develop and implement a new master's educational program in aerospace engineering with the goal of preparing highly qualified individuals. This decision was made taking into account the progressive development of aerospace technologies worldwide and the effective use of current potential in Armenia. This model of integrating education, science, and production will not only make it possible to organize the educational process and carry out research projects, but it will also enable the application of fundamental research and the production of tangible results.

Andranik Aghajanyan, the Engineering Association's Head of educational initiatives, claims that there is a pressing need right now for the coordination of engineering potential as well as for the advancement of engineering thought and highly qualified engineers, warranting the implementation of a new master's program. A. Aghajanyan pointed out that the fundamental scientific approach is regarded as a pillar during the implementation of the project, which will be focused on developing skills for the design and management of aerospace systems, without which the companies in the industry are thought to be vulnerable.

According to Bagrat Yengibaryan, Director of the Enterprise Incubator Foundation-EIF, the aerospace industry is one of the most cutting-edge, in-demand, and challenging areas in the world. Here, we work with all scientific disciplines because devices operating in various environments are intended to address a variety of tasks. B. Yengibaryan also stated that as a part of the educational program, cooperation with well-known local and international enterprises will be maintained, which will raise the possibility of scholarships to be awarded to the best students. Additionally, cooperation with leading international universities is planned, which will allow for the possibility of a double diploma in the future.

Thus, the implementation of the new master's educational program will offer the chance to train specialists with strong scientific and practical potential who are prepared for the challenges of the present and who will pave the way for the growth of aerospace engineering in RA. A number of significant strategic problems will soon be resolved by highly skilled engineers, strengthening Armenia's role in the international community.

After the presentation of the educational program, an engaging tour was organized in the Engineering City for the delegation of the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA.

 ISEC NAS RA Public Relations and Career Department