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Double Degree Program with the University of Tuscia, Italy

January 12, 2021

To expand the effective cooperation, the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA has signed a double degree program with the University of Tuscia, (Italy).

Henceforth, within the framework of cooperation, ISEC NAS RA students who study in the ISEC Master degree programs "Public Finance Management" and "Marketing" will have an opportunity in the second year of their study to study at the University of Tuscia and to participate in the  Master double degree programs "Management, Finance-Control" (AFC) and "Marketing-Quality" (MKQ) accordingly.

Each institution selects students who are allowed to enroll in a partner university courses. The courses are taught in Italian and English languages. The selected students must have the relevant level of language knowledge (University of Tuscia – (Italian) B2 level, ISEC – (English) B2 level). Students in both institutions are enrolled in the courses from the beginning of the academic year. The selected students study their second year (consisting of two semesters, up to 12 months) at a partner university. Tuition and other possible taxes are to be paid at the university where the student is admitted.

ISEC students study the first year of their studies in ISEC NAS RA, and the second year at the University of Tuscia.

ISEC students participating in the double degree programs must meet all criteria of the Italian students admitted to the Master programs at the University of Tuscia. They must therefore comply with all the obligations, duties and deadlines set by the internal regulations of Tuscia University.

At the end of their studies, each student submits a Master thesis under the supervision of professors from the relevant departments from the University of Tuscia and ISEC. The thesis will be discussed at both HEIs (Higher Educational Institutions), following the instructions of each Institution. One or more members of the partner institution may participate in the inter-department work. The Master thesis shall be written in English.

Every year, from June 1 to 30, ISEC selects the relevant students. Classes at Tuscia University usually begin in October (first semester) and March (second semester). Students must take the courses listed in the curriculum and take the exams during the regular exam period (January-February), in case of necessity they can also take the exams in April during the special exam period.

The students of ISEC NAS RA are exempted from paying the fees required for the enrollment in the courses at Tuscia University. The travel expenses, accommodation and food as well as medical insurance and course books are to be covered by the students.

At the end of the study, students are awarded double degree diplomas: Armenian-Italian.

Project contact person: Ella Papikyan, Chief Specialist in the Foreign Affairs Department of ISEC NAS RA, tel .: (+374 60) 623598, E-mail: ella.papikyan@isec.am