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16 Apr


April 16, 2021

Dear students, PhD students, lecturers,

Chair of Economics of the ISEC NAS RA and Educational Network ASNET-AM are organizing a 10-week course starting from May 1, for the scientific educational community on "Data Science", "Data Analysis in R Environment for Beginners".

Large-scale data collection, literate presentation and analysis are very relevant and the skills of finding the hidden nuances of the data as a result of the analysis, extracting the necessary information are in great demand in many professional fields. Data science is a broad field, of which statistics is a part, statistical analysis of data.

Data science is a broad field, of which statistics and statistical analysis of data are the parts of it.

Analytics is an R programming language that was originally developed to perform statistical analysis, which is one of the most popular programming languages among analysts. R uses all practical statistical methods, both classical and modern. Many companies, such as GOOGLE, UBER, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, IBM, MICROSOFT, are currently using this language.

At the end of the course you will:

1) have general knowledge of statistics and data analysis

2) be able to use the R programming language for data analysis as well as for other calculations

3) master the skills of data preparation, editing, cleaning, obtaining general information from data և visualization

4) learn some important data analysis methods; Learn application algorithms

5) be able to interpret the results correctly

To register for the course: https://forms.gle/iRBY4vzk9pgNGo1V6

You can find the details of the course in the attached file