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Psychological Observatory

The "Psychological Observatory" attached to the Department of Psychology of the International Scientific and Educational Center of the RA National Academy of Sciences is the base center of the Department of Psychology, where multi-stage and comprehensive scientific research works in the field of psychology are carried out, research databases are created, and scientific, scientific research, scientific methodical, expert and educational works are carried out.

"Psychological Observatory" implements the activity of legal and ethical issues of scientific policy in the field of psychology and the creation of normative documents, which enables psychologists-scientists to operate in a unified legal and ethical field, creates favorable conditions for the preservation and development of psychological intellectual potential and practical skills.

A number of models of monitoring mechanisms have been created in the "Psychological Observatory."

The "Psychological Observatory" cooperates with practical and scientific research centers in the field of psychology, organizes scientific seminars, conferences, carries out book publishing activities. On a charitable basis, it supports those public organizations that carry out socio-psychological work with freedom fighters and their family members.

The services of "Psychological Observatory" are used by representatives of various spheres of public life who need psychological support. "Psychological Observatory" involves doctors of sciences, candidates, practicing psychologists who deal with theoretical and practical problems of psychology, have many years of experience and are active in various spheres of public life, and whose professional activities have been awarded many times with prizes, letters of thanks and honors.

The main functions of the "Psychological Observatory" are the followings:

  • implementation of scientific research
  • professional training and raising qualification
  • teaching practical psychological techniquesorganization psychological trainings
  • psychological counseling and psychotherapy (working with children, adolescents and adults)
  • psychological support for vulnerable groups
  • family psychology counseling and psychotherapy
  • individual psychological counseling
  • group psychological counseling and psychotherapy
  • children's psychological counseling and psychotherapy
  • psychological support for professional orientation and reorientation.

"Psychological Observatory" organizes professional discussions, consultations, and experience exchange programs. The issues raised in the course of professional activity at the personal and socio-psychological levels, become the subjects of scientific research, undergo psychological analysis, are illustrated in various international and local scientific journals, and are reported at scientific conferences.

Since 2015, scientific research works have been carried out in the "Psychological Observatory" on "Peculiarities of the manifestation of marginality in transforming societies," "Features of psychological protection of the population of the border zone and development opportunities," "Compensatory adaptation of the person in emergency situations," "Grief and coping mechanisms," whose scientific results were included in the form of published monographs, educational manuals, and scientific articles.

Since 2021, the scientific topic "The problem of the crisis and anomie of the value system of the person in the post-war period and the methodology of overcoming it" has been studied and researched in the "Psychological Observatory." It is implemented with financial support provided by the state in the form of a grant.The aim of the project implementation is the organization of socio-psychological research of the behavioral anomic manifestations of the person and social groups, the crisis of the value system of the person In the post-war period of the Artsakh conflict in 2020, thanks to which it will be possible to define the modern conceptual framework of the crisis of the value system and develop the overcoming methodology. The duration of the project is three years, during which it is planned to carry out research aimed at revealing the video-methodological foundations of the problem and analyzing the results of experimental research.

"Psychological Observatory" conducts research and educational practices for the student body of various universities, as well as the specialists of various educational and scientific centers of the republic enrich their professional experience.