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Armen Levon Asatryan



-Where do you work?

-At the RA Law School, I hold the position of First Deputy School Director.

-What is the key to your success at work?

-I find that every person to achieve any result, including job success, must be able to set clear goals, distinguish primary from secondary, work diligently and move step by step toward their goal without being discouraged.

Although the qualities I listed may be different and individual, they are nevertheless the foundation that drives a person to the success he or she imagines.

-What has been the role of education at the International Scientific Education Center in your life, and what has been your greatest achievement while studying at the International Scientific Education Center?

-It can be said that studying at the International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia prepared the ground and aroused the interest that later moved me to science. Studying at the center, I was able to broaden my professional outlook, to go beyond the mere textbook, definition, and level knowledge (which is typical of a graduate student) and to gain analytical, and even critical, thinking. The development of analytical and creative thinking, ability to discuss should be important and primarily for the lawyer.

-What memorable episode would you tell from student life?

-Not wanting to focus on the episode, I can only say that the student years were filled with warmth, youthful enthusiasm and the expansion of an honest friendly environment.

-Your message to the graduate and postgraduates students of the International Scientific-Educational Center?

-I will quote one of the thoughts of a Chinese philosopher Confucius to the students: "Whatever you do in life, do it from the heart."