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Since 2018 International Scientific-Educational Center (ISEC) of NAS RA and Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies (CENS) of NAS RA have been implementing "Modernization of Environment Protection Studies Programmes for Armenia And Georgia" (MENVIPRO) Erasmus+ capacity building project aimed at significant amelioration of the quality of MSc. studies in the field of Environment Protection in Armenia and Georgia on the basis of complex modernization of the curricula in line with the Bologna principles, Salzburg principles of EAU and best European practice.

For the purpose of the modernization of Environmental Protection Studies, a unique inter-University education and research facility, ERLEP, is established at Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management of ISEC NAS RA based in CENS which will be used for student projects, collaborative projects with external stakeholders.

The ERLEP will represent one of the major tangible outcomes of the project and will define the quality standards of postgraduate studies in the field of EP for many years.

JEOL-JCM-7000 Microscope:
Application in Different Fields


Application of High-performance
Liquid Chromatograph in
Environment and Food Safety

  SMO28-2 Drying cupboard
 ETHOS EASY Microwave
corrosive system
  HORIBA Multi-parameter
water quality tester
   Semi-Micro and Analytical
Balances, Analytical balances