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Working Visit to ISEC NAS RA

December 26, 2016

On 13 December in the frames of monitoring current projects financed by the Competitive Innovative Fund the representatives of the CEP PIU paid a working visit to International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA (ISEC NAS RA). Project coordinator Arusyak Harutyunyan presented the current works implemented in the frames of “Online Master’s Program with Joint Diplomas”. Reminder: International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA is one of the consortium members, the other being Informatics and Automation Problems Institute of NAS RA (IAPI NAS RA). The aim of the project implementation is the introduction and development of distance learning in Armenia and establishing a single education area.
In the frames of the visit to ISEC NAS RA the representatives of the CEP PIU recorded that a part of the purchased equipment has been installed at ISEC NAS RA. Project coordinator presented the equipment – DNS server, where Moodle LMS is installed to make educational process smoother and manageable. It should be mentioned that this LMS will help the academic staff to create an effective online community. During the visit the participants visited computer labs, where the academic staff of both HEIs will be trained on how to build online courses with innovative methods. During the meeting the participants discussed a number of issues relating to further works and organization of processes. It should be added that the implementation of this project is an important stimulus for the development of distance education in the higher education of Armenia.