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Distance Education in Armenia in Frames of Competitive Innovation Fund

December 18, 2017

Starting from October distance education has been implemented for the first time in Armenia.
In the frames of "Online Master’s Program with Joint Diplomas" project funded by the Competitive Innovation Fund International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA and Public Administration Academy of RA have been issued a permit to implement distance education in "Business Management" Master's degree program for three years. ISEC’s Director Albert Sargsyan, who has been invited to the discussions held at the Media Center, stated that currently half of the students learning online are from the regions. In response to the concerns that distance education excludes any communication with the lecturer, Mr. Sargsyan said, "Our online platform enables establishing so-called virtual classrooms, where students and lecturers each sitting in their houses can communicate with each other."
He informed that admission is held through interview where interim threshold is selected. He assured that final exams will be held face-to-face.