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Another Discussion at ISEC NAS RA

November 25, 2016

On 23 November 2016 regular meeting of Economics and Management Chair of ISEC NAS RA was held with the participation of the administrative and academic staffs. On the agenda of the meeting was the discussion of 'Business Administration' curriculum in distance learning format to be implemented jointly by Public Administration Academy of RA.
Arusyak Harutyunyan, Head of Foreign Affairs Department, presented the minimum requirements designed for the distance courses, IT Department Head Armen Sargsyan presented the technical prerequisites and conditions for the distance courses.

The administrative and academic staffs jointly discussed the curricula of Public Administration Academy of RA and ISEC NAS RA and drafted a curriculum on “Business Administration” master's degree course, which will be further submitted to the Public Administration Academy of RA for confirmation.
The main objective of 'Online Master’s Program with Joint Diplomas' project is organization of “Business Administration” Master Degree Programme in the form of distance learning with a joint diploma awarded by RA Public Administration Academy and International Scientific Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of RA. The partner of the program is the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA.