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Another Project Milestone Passed: An Agreement Signed

November 28, 2023

On November 28, another project milestone was passed within the Erasmus+ AFISHE program. A Shared Research Infrastructure Access Agreement was signed between the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS of RA and Armenian National Agrarian University, designed to carry out scientific and research activities within the framework of the joint curriculum.

Being part of "Development of Aquaculture and Fisheries Education for Green Deal in Armenia and Ukraine: from education to ecology" (AFISHE) Consortium, the partner universities are interested in using the equipment purchased within the AFISHE project and installed in Educational and Research Laboratories in partner institutions, henceforth serving as "AFISHE Labs". These scientific and research laboratories will become a platform for joint and significant research activities for partner universities.

It should be reminded that one of the project specific objectives is the establishment of labs with modern equipment (hardware) and software to build and modernize the academic environment as a platform for training and retraining.

As a result of the implementation of the AFISHE project, a network between Armenia, Ukraine and EU partner countries in the fields of aquaculture and fisheries. This network will serve as a platform for the implementation of joint educational and research activities with the purpose of promoting the best ecology-based approaches and activities in these fields in line with UN SDG goals and EU Green Deal.

Public Relations and Career Department of ISEC NAS RA