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20 Oct


October 20, 2022

Kindly be informed that Armenia is included among the target countries of the exchange program in the field of research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, "Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities (JESH)".

The Austrian Academy of Sciences’ Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities (JESH) programme promotes cooperation between outstanding young researchers from abroad and scholars in Austria. JESH offers an incoming programme for researchers from 53 different target countries as well as an outgoing programme for Austrian researchers.

Scholarship applications are accepted from young scholars and scientists with a maximum of 10 years of research experience following completion of their doctorate/PhD and are affiliated with a university or non-university research institution in one of the target countries or in Austria.

Submission deadline
: December 6, 2022

You can get additional information about the program at the following link: https://stipendien.oeaw.ac.at/stipendien/jesh/jesh-information-conditions