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30 Aug


August 30, 2023

Submission documents for tuition fee compensation (discount) in the form of a Student Allowance of the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA are accepted at the Dean's office according to the following schedule:

. full-time, 2nd year students (with 1.5 years of study)    04.09.2023-30.09.2023
. full-time freshmen and 2nd year students                     11.09.2023-07.10.2023
. part-time 2nd year students                                         25.09.2023-09.10.2023
. part-time freshmen                                                     23.10.2023-06.11.2023

You can get more detailed information about discounts from the Regulations section of the website: www.isec.am (rules on reimbursement of tuition fees (full or partial discount) and transfer in the form of a Student Allowance of the NAS RA International Scientific-Educational Center).

Applications submitted after the deadline are not subject to consideration.