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Director Albert Sargsyan’s Welcome Speech
   The National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia /NAS RA/ is a higher scientific institution, which consists of 38 research organizations and centers, including International Scientific - Educational Center /ISEC/.
    The International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA was founded in 1997 on the basis of PhD studies operating at Academy Presidium. ISEC's main objective is to prepare scientific brainpower, which is implemented through PhD Studies and Postdoctoral Studies, where NAS research organizations and centers serve as a basis.

    In 2004 the International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA also offered programs for master’s degree aiming to facilitate the transition from education to science. 
    Implementing master’s programme in the system of Academy was not only highly needed, but also very important for the use of rich scientific potential, preparing highly qualified staff and then recruiting research organization with highly qualified staff.
    The best scientists, academicians, correspondent members, PhDs and Doctors teach at Master Studies, while research is carried out in the appropriate research organization, which enables higher education to become flexible and orient to contemporary tasks, to make professional basis deeper.

Master Studies has been founded quite recently, but it can surely be said ISEC is an established institution playing an essential role in the activities of NAS RA.
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From June 14-17 and June 22-25, 2014, on the initiative of the QA Department and IT Department of ISEC NAS RA within the programme “Education Quality and Compliance” trainings for the faculty and administrative staff continue. At this stage of training called “Implementation of IT in the teaching process”, lecturers have the opportunity to get practical and theoretical knowledge in the IT field, which in its turn will contribute to the development of new teaching methods and improvement of the teaching quality. At the end of the training participants will get certificates.
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From June 20-27, 2014, four employees of ISEC NAS RA-Head of the QA Department Narine Vardanyan, Chief Specialist of QA Department Gohar Grigoryan, Head of the IT Department Armen Sargsyan and Head of the Law Department Simon Babayan under the guidance of the ISEC NAS RA Director Albert Sargsyan, within the component “Establishment and Strengthening of the National Quality Assurance System” of the second program “Education Quality and Compliance” went on a business trip to the Check Republic, Charles University for exchange of experience (benchmarking).
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The International Scientific-Educational Centre of NAS RA at the start of 2014 signed a contract with AMADEUS organization founded in 1987 which is internationally recognized in the field of traveling. Its headquarters is located in Madrid, Spain and the processing center – in Erding, Germany. The company has five regional centers all over the world with more than 8900 employees.
The system provides airline- ticket, hotel- room, car renting booking.
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National Academy of Sciences on June 11-12th, 2014 at the initiative of International Science & Technology Department of NAS RA organized information day on the EU framework programme HORIZON 2020 for Research and Innovation. Within the event Arusyak Harutyunyan, head of the foreign affairs department of ISEC NAS RA and Angela Papikyan, senior specialist of the foreign affairs department presented EU TEMPUS funded project VERITAS on Structural Development of the Third Cycle Based On Salzburg Principles, its goals, objectives and procedures.
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On 5-7 May 2014, a meeting of EU Tempus VERITAS (Structural Development of the Third Cycle Based on Salzburg Principles) project representatives was held in Graz, Austria. The Project members are representatives from higher education institutions and other institutions of educational system of the Republic of Armenia. The meeting was held with the support of the WUS Austria non-governmental organization. The meeting served a good platform for RA higher education institutions for further establishment of common approaches for the third cycle education in the Republic of Armenia.
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On 13-14 January 2014 the first meeting of a new grant program of 'VERITAS: Structural Development of the Third Cycle Based on Salzburg Principles' TEMPUS project was held in YSMU.
The aim of the project is to improve the postgraduate educational system of the Republic of Armenia complying it with the European quality framework and Salzburg principles.

The principle outcomes and outputs include:
Development of university capacities for quality doctoral...
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From May 11-15 and May 19-22, 2014, on the initiative of the QA Department of ISEC NAS RA lecture-seminars were delivered at the Center for the faculty and administrative staff aimed at improving the quality of higher education.
The seminars were delivered by R. Topchyan (Director at National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance) and S. Petrosyan (Expert at National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance).
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Within the framework of the grant provided by the World Bank Competitive Innovation Fund, ISEC NAS RA is implementing Distance Learning Programmes. Three experts from ISEC NAS RA – Arusyak Harutyunyan, Head of Foreign Affairs Department, Narine Vardanyan, Head of Education Quality Assurance Department and Tigran Zakaryan, the Head of Radiophysics and Electronics Department, from May 11-18th, 2014 by the invitation of the Institute of Communications and Computer Systems of National Technical University of Athens were sent on a business trip to Athens...
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On the initiative of the QA Department of ISEC NAS RA four days of active discussions were organized at ISEC aimed at revealing the needs of Quality Assurance and continuous improvement of education. Highlighting the educational QA at ISEC advanced interviews were held towards needs assessment by I. Hovhannisyan –a quality management expert. Through various questions and advice she contributed to detecting the needs and outlined paths of settling them. Representatives from various departments of ISEC raised some...
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The Planet we live in is just nothing but a gloomy and arid place without nature. Inversely, the world we make is shiny, colourful and bright if it is in harmony with nature. In our fast-paced world we have to realize that that we are a part of the universe and we should see and appreciate it.
Students of the International Scientific Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences in Boghosyan Gardens once again emphasized the importance of nature in our life.
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Atrocities against Armenian people in 1915 will always stay in the history and memory of the Armenians. Every year, from generation to generation with the imperishable feeling of grief, pain and compassion Armenian people commemorate and mourn over their lost victims in Armenian genocide in 1915. Till now, 99 years ago, we remember, condemn and deeply grieve.
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Education has always played an important role in the lives of Armenian people. During the time it has gradually been reinforced and stepped to a new level of educational quality as an important tool and powerful bridge linking past and future through moral, scientific and aesthetic rich and high value experience and resources. It is important to understand what kind of education we have and would like to have, what kind of requirements we have and what the true value of education is.
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