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Social Pedagogy

Head of the Department
Hayk Hmayak Petrosyan
Doctor of Education, Professor

The Department of Pedagogy and Sociology of the International Scientific-Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia was founded in 2009. The establishment of the department proceeded from the need to prepare specialists with Master Degrees in education capable to do research in education and sociology at different educational levels and aspects of social life.

Department Objectives:

  • to prepare qualified Master Degree specialists in the field of «Pedagogy and Sociology»
  • to develop and deploy educational programmes and modern technologies for training relevant specialists
  • to do educational research
  • to foster international cooperation in education and research
  • to modernize educational content
  • to develop and publish course books, manuals and  handbooks

Highly qualified faculty of the department holds classes in education, science and social fields. The department also organizes professional and career enhancement trainings.

Specialization – Pedagogy and Sociology

Research Works

Over the last 5 years the faculty of the department published 2 scholarly monographs, 3 study handbooks and 8 educational learning manuals.

 Some of the students’ scientific articles have been published in scientific journals and edited volumes of Saint Petersburg.  

The faculty of the department actively participates in different national, regional and international conferences, seminars, and introduces research results and their practical application to the large academic community.

The focal research topic of the department is «Efficient Learning Technologies in the Higher Education».

The Faculty

Hayk Petrosyan

Doctor of Education, Professor

Armen Sahakyan

Doctor of Sociology Professor

Vahan Meliksetyan   

PhD in Education

Laura Meliqyan

PhD in Education, associate professor

Narine Vardanyan

PhD in Philology

Narine Petrosyan


Eva Geghamyan


Ani Nazaryan


Tel:  (+374 60) 623520 (358)